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Welcome to All Painters !


What do we have to offer you?

A lot of things! First of all, we constantly update our blog on everything that is connected to art. Please, check out the detailed write ups on all of the famous artists


Our main aim is to let you immerse yourself in the art, let you learn about the history of the world masterpieces or unknown paintings and to discover new aspects of modern art and the art movement


At All Painters you can find fascinating and very exciting paintings from around the world created by famous painters. You will see the beauty of our world with its variety of colours created by the painting masters.


You will also discover new aspects of art on our website. They are represented by the works of the most famous artists of the world along with information about their life’s shared in a creative way.

Please make good use of our “Menu” topics at the top of the screen , “Search” bars along with “Links” on our site which will guide you to find the needed artist or painting.

Thank you for standing with us, which means – we are all together !


Calling All Painters !


The editors welcome everyone to post photos of his/her  paintings. This section of the site is called “Modern Artists”. We invite everyone!

Recommendations for filling applications for your works

  1. In order to apply for the publication of your works, you need to send an e-mail to or use the contact form.
  2. Please specify the details about you (name, age, e-mail, the art style of works and brief information about yourself).
  3. The number of files attached to the letter should not exceed 10 (select some of your best works).
  4. The image should be quality, it is preferably the size of less than 5 Mb.
  5. Also specify summary about painting (name, style, a short description about the painting).

The editors reserve the right to choose the works that will be posted in this section. Visitors can comment on the published works, also paintings take part in competitions, tops and voting. It is a good chance to express yourself!

We will be happy if our site helps you to find the right information about art. Our team will be grateful for any comments and suggestions for improving the structure and quality of information at our site.

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