Eyes on The Table – Remedios Varo

Painter: Remedios Varo Date of art creation: 1938 Art movement: Surrealism Genre of painting: Symbolic painting Painting technique: Gouache Painting material: Paper Dimensions: 13 x 20 cm Location: Private Collection […]

The Seine with The Institute of France – Alfred Sisley

Artist: Alfred Sisley Completion Date: c.1870 Style: Impressionism Genre: landscape Technique: Oil Material: Canvas Dimensions: 53.34 x 60.96 cm Gallery: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA Tags: rivers-and-waterfalls, boats-and-ships

The Great Mexican Revolutionary Law and The Freedom of Slaves – Jose Clemente Orozco

About Jose Clemente Orozco Clemente Orozco was a Mexican painter and caricaturist who channeled his talent in creating political murals. His work, together with that of David Alfaro, Diego Rivera, […]

Colhedores de Cafe – Candido Portinari

Candido Portinari (Dec 1903 – Feb 1962) is considered one of the most popular and important Brazilian painters of all time. His artwork not only raised global awareness regarding the […]

O Lavrador de Cafe – Candido Portinari

Artist: Candido Portinari Completion Date: 1939 Style: Social Realism Genre: Portrait O Lavrador de Cafe (Painting by Candido Portinari 1903-1962), a son of Italian immigrants was born in Brodowski, Sao […]

Mona Lisa’s Chair – Octavio Ocampo

Over the past centuries, many paintings with significant meaning have been preserved in museums. What’s impressive about these images is that they carry more than one message, and at times, […]

Portrait of Aunt Pepa – Pablo Picasso

The portrait of Aunt Pepa Picasso is known to be subtly dramatic and vigorous. It’s described as one of the greatest paintings in the history of Spanish and below is […]

When was Leonardo Da Vinci Born

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Life in Three Minutes     Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy.  Leonardo did not author an autobiography; therefore, what little is known of his early life has been […]

The Clowns of War Arguing in Hell – Jose Clemente Orozco

Painter: Jose Clemente Orozco Date of art creation: 1944 Place of Creation: Guadalajara, Mexico Art movement: Muralism Genre of painting: symbolic painting Painting technique: fresco Location: Palacio de Gobierno, Guadalajara, […]

Adolphe William Bouguereau – All You Need to Know About the Biography of the French Realist Painter

The career of Adolphe William Bouguereau, unlike that of his contemporaries, the then avant-garde Impressionists, was one of ever-increasing success without major setback. He was born on the west coast of France into a family of wine merchants and was given a classical education by his uncle Eugene, a curate, who tutored him in bible study, Latin and Greek, with particularly classical mythology

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Vincent Van Gogh – A Tormented Dutch Artist

The whole of the painted works of Vincent Van Gogh – over 800 canvases – were produced in the very short time span of only 8 years. Indeed his total […]

How to Sell Art on Instagram and Facebook?

Instagram and Facebook now are two of the most popular networks that connect millions of people every day. Some people only share their personal pictures with friends but some people […]

Who Painted Portrait of the Duchess of Beaufort? Surprising Facts You Did Not Know About Thomas Gainsborough.

A Woman in Blue or a Portrait of the Duchess of Beaufort was painted by Thomas Gainsborough. And today we want to provide you with some interesting facts about this […]

Oil Paintings – Where Beauty Meets Quality

Painting in Oil is a Noble Art Since as early as the 5th-century artists worldwide have been painting in oil. To this very day painting in oil is considered a […]

Taking Care of Your Oil Paintings

Paintings made using fine oil paints on quality canvases can maintain their brightness and vivid colours for centuries. All the paintings that are sold through our website employ the same […]

How to Choose the Right Oil Painting for Your Space?

Browsing through hundreds of masterpieces on our site can at first seem rather confusing. Which of these masterpieces is right for that empty space above the dining table? Which one […]

What You Didn’t Know about Liz Jardine

The variety of styles present in Liz Jardine’s artwork speaks volumes of this artist’s natural curiosity and dynamic perspective. As a child, Jardine was raised on and artistically shaped by […]

Re-birth of the Renaissance?

“You can not solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” – Einstein “I wish to work miracles.” “The knowledge of all things is possible.” – Leonardo Da […]

Art Galleries – The Variations

There are two major different types of art galleries, but once you get past those two distinctions, there are as many different types of art galleries as there are types […]

Facts and Myths about Ivan Aivazovsky. Everything You Need to Know. A collection of 729 paintings (HD)

Very few of our readers are from Russia, but I think the name of Aivazovsky is well-known all over the world. Today we have prepared research for you about this […]


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