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Dear art lovers and artists,

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We kindly ask to read the terms of use Allpainters.org site:

  • Copyright infringement is punishable by law and is unacceptable for Allpainters.org site. If you notice any failure to comply with this law, please contact immediately with website Administration at – admin@allpainters.org.
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It also refers to the placement of advertising commercial products and other promotional products (both: hidden or overt).

  • Do not post messages with CAPITAL LETTERS, avoid deliberate spelling mistakes.
  • In the case of the artificial winding votes and the ranking tops, all IP addresses will be banned, and the offending parties will be excluded without the right for further recovery.
  • It is allowed to promote the site, share a post from the site on your personal social page, to maintain the image and reputation of the Allpainters.org gallery.
  • Site Administration reserves the prerogative to make changes to these term of use.

We will be happy if the site Allpainters.org satisfy your creative interest.

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