Who Painted Portrait of the Duchess of Beaufort? Surprising Facts You Did Not Know About Thomas Gainsborough.

A Woman in Blue or a Portrait of the Duchess of Beaufort was painted by Thomas Gainsborough. And today we want to provide you with some interesting facts about this […]

Oil Paintings – Where Beauty Meets Quality

Painting in Oil is a Noble Art Since as early as the 5th-century artists worldwide have been painting in oil. To this very day painting in oil is considered a […]

Taking Care of Your Oil Paintings

Paintings made using fine oil paints on quality canvases can maintain their brightness and vivid colours for centuries. All the paintings that are sold through our website employ the same […]

How to Choose the Right Oil Painting for Your Space?

Browsing through hundreds of masterpieces on our site can at first seem rather confusing. Which of these masterpieces is right for that empty space above the dining table? Which one […]

What You Didn’t Know about Liz Jardine

The variety of styles present in Liz Jardine’s artwork speaks volumes of this artist’s natural curiosity and dynamic perspective. As a child, Jardine was raised on and artistically shaped by […]

Re-birth of the Renaissance?

“You can not solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” – Einstein “I wish to work miracles.” “The knowledge of all things is possible.” – Leonardo Da […]

Art Galleries – The Variations

There are two major different types of art galleries, but once you get past those two distinctions, there are as many different types of art galleries as there are types […]

Facts and Myths about Ivan Aivazovsky. Everything You Need to Know. A collection of 729 paintings (HD)

Very few of our readers are from Russia, but I think the name of Aivazovsky is well-known all over the world. Today we have prepared research for you about this […]

Tips on Watercolors for Artists

Watercolours: Tube vs. Pan Watercolour paints have been around for centuries with very little change. Originally starting as hard, brittle pans (or cakes) of colour, they were forever changed by […]

Heritage Paint Palette

Ok … I’ve crawled out from the Dark Ages and into the Real World at last. My most recent purchase was a gasket-sealed palette – replacing the paper plates I […]

Canvas Basics and Boards from Bristol to Foam. Tips for Artists

Canvas and canvas products are the traditional surfaces for oils and acrylics. The canvas products you will encounter are: 1. Traditional Canvas – canvas, primed with gesso, stretched on standard […]

Basic Brush Shapes. Tips for Artists

§ Round -An all-purpose brush for fine detail and outlining thick to thin lines. Round ferrule, round or pointed tip. Useful for detail, wash and fills. A detailer is a […]

Airbrushing Basics. Tips for Artists

Basically, an airbrush works by passing a stream of air through a venturi – a venturi creates suction allowing paint to be withdrawn from a reservoir. The reservoir is either […]

Oil Paint Basics

Invented hundreds of years ago by mixing ground mineral pigment with linseed oil (or walnut or poppy oil) and bringing the mixture to a boil, oil paints have been the […]

Everything You Need to Know about Pastels

Pastels are sticks of pure pigment (finely ground) combined with a binding agent. Pastels were invented in the 15th century, and gained popularity in 18th century Europe. The texture of […]

Oil Painting Techniques

Begin your oil painting by sketching your composition onto stretched canvas, canvas panel, Masonite or any other surface that is prepared to receive paint. When sketching your composition you can […]

African American Art History. The Harmon Foundation. African American Art and the Harlem Renaissance.

The First Professionals African Americans have contributed to the art of American culture as painters, sculptors, printmakers and craftsmen since the latter part of the eighteenth century. Their work was […]

Different Styles and Forms of Abstract Art. What Is Abstract Art?

Abstract art is known as an art that is not an accurate representation of a form or object. What this means is that you will not see a definite shape […]

Oil Painting Lessons – Tips on Colour Mixing and Colour Theory

When I first began painting some 10 years ago, I recall how intimidating it all seemed. With all of the various colours, mediums, brushes and other tools available, it was […]

Celebrating Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn’s 400th Birthday in 2006

The Year 2006 marks the 400th birthday of the brilliant artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. Born on July 15, 2006, in Leiden of the Netherlands, Rembrandt became the greatest painter […]

Adolphe William Bouguereau – All You Need to Know About the Biography of the French Realist Painter

The career of Adolphe William Bouguereau, unlike that of his contemporaries, the then avant-garde Impressionists, was one of ever-increasing success without major setback. He was born on the west coast […]

Leonardo Da Vinci Biography and His life in 3 minutes

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Life in Three Minutes Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy.  Leonardo did not author an autobiography; therefore, what little is known of his early life has been gathered from […]

Lawrence Alma-Tadema – Biography Of An Artist In The Antique Style

Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema: A Collection of 194 Paintings Born Lourens Tadema (Alma being his middle name) in Dronryp, Friesland, to Pieter Tadema, a notary, and his second wife Hinke […]

Vincent Van Gogh – Biography Of A Tormented Dutch Artist. 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Vincent Van Gogh

The whole of the painted works of Vincent Van Gogh – over 800 canvases – were produced in the very short time span of only 8 years. Indeed his total […]

Using Colour to Express Your Creativity

Colours have an amazing impact on our lives. From the red of our stop signs and traffic lights to the ever-important green of a dollar bill, colour is integrated into […]

Why Bother with Art Colleges?

If you are pretty talented at art you might not even consider going to Art College. Why should you, anyway? You can draw like the masters: Boticelli, Michelangelo, Da Vinci. […]

Art Schools, the Artist’s Choice! Is Art School necessary to be a good artist?

Being creative or artistic is truly a gift, a talent. But as with any talent, it needs to be tempered, honed and optimized. Without proper training, one might never achieve […]

Buying Paint for your Workshop and Other Art Supplies

If you’re a painter or other type of artist you’ll want to have your studio filled with all the art supplies that you need to create your art without running […]

Get More People To View Your Art By Writing Articles

As an artist, you like to spend the majority of your time creating art, but in order for the entire world to see your creations, you need a website and […]

Edgar Degas – Biography Of The French Artist Renowned For His Figure Painting

The career of Edgar Degas was a long one – about 60 years out of his total 83. And his style, unlike that of most famous artists who worked into […]


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