Using Art Therapy for Amazing Stress Relief

One of the more fascinating measures taken for stress relief can be had with art therapy. With so many different forms of therapy today it’s tough to know which are […]

Authenticity of Eskimo Inuit Art and Native American Art

Both Inuit Eskimo art and Native American art have gained international recognition as valuable art forms over the past few decades. However, the rising popularity of both Inuit Eskimo art […]

Art Marketing Tips – Launch A Successful Business Selling Your Art Or Crafts

Define your goals and get organized  What are your goals as an artist? Do you hope and dream to one day have your artwork displayed in a museum or do […]

Getting Fine Art Appraised

Preparing for the Appraiser’s Exam • Locate all items in advance of the appraiser’s arrival and make them accessible. • Share pertinent records about when and where items were purchased, […]


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