How To Choose The Right Oil Painting For Your Space?

How to Choose the Right Oil Painting for Your Space?

Browsing through hundreds of masterpieces on our site can at first seem rather confusing. Which of these masterpieces is right for that empty space above the dining table? Which one will brighten your living room walls? Should it be a reproduction of a van Gogh painting, or will an abstract be able to add that extra dash of sophistication to your interior design? Which to choose? This is why we have put together this short guide to help you choose the right painting.

1. Define your space

It may sound trivial, but start by defining the room, and if possible, the exact spot where you would like to place the How to Choose the Right Oil Painting for Your Space? painting. Although many different styles and colour schemes could fit each one, some should be excluded from the start. Choosing a painting is a subjective process that begins with a short analysis of the space, and your day-to-day activities within it. Your bedroom for example – this is your small private retreat from the world. You probably want to create a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere for this space. Maybe something that reminds you of your childhood: beautiful scenery, or a calming pair of abstract works. Whatever works for you is fine; just remember, the most important purpose of your new oil painting is to strengthen the bond between you and your living space.

2. Choose the right colour

The basic idea should be to create a contrast between the dominant colours of your walls and those of your new painting. While a white wall will work well with almost any colour, wallpapers and stronger colours need to be complemented more carefully. The most important rule is to avoid different shades of the same colour. This is a common mistake: people think green will match green, blue will match blue etc. The result in most cases is an over striking effect that eclipses any details. Try first to determine your room’s dominant colour and the one in the oil painting you like. Try to imagine them next to each other. If you cannot imagine it, experiment by putting two items or pieces of cloth of these colours next to each other and see how they fit. A great feature we’ve added to our website is the option to browse by warm or cold colours. This feature can help you filter the right artworks for your space.

3. Match your current interior’s style

Don’t forget, your new painting must work with your current furniture and its style. A classical oil painting on canvas portrait may look out of place in a minimalist Japanese style living room. Your furniture already creates a decorative statement. Make sure your new painting works well with it. To make things easier for you, we have made sure you can also browse our site by the style of painting. This way, all you have to do is to select the artistic style that best defines your space and you are halfway there.

How to Choose the Right Oil Painting for Your Space?
Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900) | Sunset over Ischia

4. Create a theme

Creating a theme, through the use of colours or subjects can maximize an oil painting’s effect on your interior design. When creating a theme you must think like a gallery owner. Try to tell a story. Make your audience look for the clues and the missing parts of the story you have imagined for them. Don’t overdo it though. A good theme consists of no more than 3 or 4 paintings. Pushing it further you may enter a dark place called vulgar!

5. Choose the right size

A common mistake is to acquire an oil painting that fits an empty space exactly. Remember, an oil painting needs space to be appreciated. Here is a rule of thumb: try to keep the size of the space that surrounds your painting as relative as you can to its size. For example, if your new painting is 20” X24” make sure there is at least 20” wall space around it.

How to Choose the Right Oil Painting for Your Space?
oil painting italy

These are but a few suggestions. If you still find it hard to choose the right one please do contact us, one of our experts will gladly assist you with tips and professional advice.

You can transform any interior by decorating your home or office with a handmade oil painting. The lively and bright colours of the fine oil paints and the texture of the brushstrokes are bound to make an impression. But how to make sure it is the right effect for you?

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